Carly Englander is an emerging multidisciplinary artist from New Jersey. She uses performance, video, and installation to examine human connection in the contemporary world.  Englander's work is informed by a cultural climate that grows and decays from the effects of technology, the internet, and social media. After spending a summer abroad working with Whitechapel Gallery in London, Englander plans to return to the UK upon graduation to pursue a graduate degree and expand her practice. She will receive her BFA in May 2019 from The College of New Jersey.  Her work, shown at The College of New Jersey Art Gallery, includes her solo show, Familiarity, and a group, BFA Senior Exhibition that will open before her graduation in Spring 2019.


I highlight spaces of confrontation and collaboration. Drawing from personal experiences and wide-spread un- derstandings, I framework my interpretations of intimate situations. Through emphasizing quiet, interstitial moments, I reveal the truths of human experience. The direct, or indirect, use of physical bodies conceptualizes positions of power through different facets. With installation, performance, and video, I create metaphorical occasions of self reflection.
I ask the viewer to make connections with their own life. Whether experiencing fictional conditions, tending to a living thing, or invested in a moving image; my work engages the conversation of togetherness and questions it’s contemporary meaning. Growth, communication, participation, consent, and comfort are themes that navigate throughout my practice and inform the way I make.


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